Your task is to construct a building which will be a pile of n cubes. The cube at the bottom will have a volume of n^3, the cube above will have volume of (n-1)^3 and so on until the top which will have a volume of 1^3.

You are given the total volume m of the building. Being given m can you find the number n of cubes you will have to build?

The parameter of the function findNb (find_nb, find-nb, findNb) will be an integer m and you have to return the integer n such as n^3 + (n-1)^3 + … + 1^3 = m if such a n exists or -1 if there is no such n.


findNb(1071225) --> 45
findNb(91716553919377) --> -1
mov rdi, 1071225
call find_nb ; rax <-- 45

mov rdi, 91716553919377
call find_nb ; rax <-- -1

My Solution

def find_nb(m):
    # your code
    sum = 0
    count = 0
    while True:
        count += 1
        sum += count**3

        if sum == m:
            return count

        if sum > m:
            return -1

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Best Practices

def find_nb(m):
    n = 1
    volume = 0
    while volume < m:
        volume += n**3
        if volume == m:
            return n
        n += 1
    return -1

거의 비슷한 방식이다.